All DUI lawyers say they are the best, so make sure you do your homework…If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura or Orange Counties, our experienced team at DUI Defense Group knows exactly how you are going to be prosecuted. As a team comprised of a former state prosecutor and a DUI judge, we have over 1000 DUI wins in California, and we know what it takes to get DUI charges reduced or dropped.

As of January 1st, 2019, there are new DUI laws in California regarding your drivers license. When navigated properly with the right DUI attorney, we can ensure that your drivers license will not be suspended, as long as you did not refuse your breathalyzer or blood test.

With the DUI Defense Group in your corner, you have 40 years of combined experience including a former state prosecutor and a judge on your side. 

Every case has hope and a potential of being won – no matter what your blood alcohol level was at the time of your arrest! If not, we’ll fight to get you the best possible outcome, probation if need be, and we’ll work diligently to reduce your fines.

Unlike some lawyers you may see online, we are not a huge law firm with hundreds of DUI cases going on at any given time. We don’t pass off your DUI case to a junior attorney. You will work directly with me, Rob Samudrala, and you’ll be able to utilize all of our resources to your advantage. With over 1,000 California DUI wins, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

Do not make a​nother​ mistake ​by not hiring an experienced DUI lawyer to fight for you in ​court​ and with the DMV​, when your drivers license, your job, and your future could ​all ​be affected​.​





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    10 Day Rule You have 10 days from the date of your arrest to save your drivers license


    Mr. Samudrala saved me, and it was all ​due to the fact that ​he advised me to obtain a ​sankl​e​ bracelet and to attend AA meetings upon retaining him​, which paid off well as the court was very impressed that I had accomplished these things 3 months prior to my court appearance. This played a big part in the the court’s final orders in my case​! ​​I recommend Mr. Samudrala as a fabulous, compassionate and knowledgable attorney​ and just remember when he gives you advise, follow it, it does impress the court that you are trying to do better​ and you will get better results.

    Lisa B. Los Angeles

    Great team, not bloodthirsty money hungry group of lawyers who are looking for their next statistic. They really get down to business right away I feel as though they care about my case and I don’t feel like I’m just another court case, and im not left with the feeling of hopelessness. it is a true blessing to have found this firm to handle my case. It was like finding a friend when your lost.

    L.H.  Los Angeles

    I was on my way as a designated driver to pick up friends and was in a car accident. They took me to the hospital and at the hospital I was released I took a cab home. At home I had quite a few shots of Patron, 1.5 hours later the police arrived at my house and arrested me for leaving the hospital, long story short they booked me. Rob immediately had a dmv hearing and I got my license reinstated and the DUI charges were dismissed. Rob was very helpful and on top of my case, he kept me updated as we went along. He is worth retaining for sure, I highly recommend him.

    L.G.  Riverside

    I had a great experience using the Dui Defense Group, in specific Mr. Samudrala was my attorney. Not once was i unable to get in contact him whether it was a random legal question or something pertaining to my case, and i always felt a guarantee that he would be returning any text or answering any call. This took a lot of my stress out of the process, and allowed it to go as smoothly as so. Great customer service, great outcomes, great law firm. Thumbs up for sure!

    Z.P.  Chatsworth

    My parents and I were recommended to Rob by a friend. Meeting with him was the best decision I could have made. If any of my friends or family ever need an attorney, I would gladly refer them to Rob and I know he will do everything he can to help them. To be honest, he kept me out of jail.

    B.O.  Murrieta

    I recommend Rob whole heartedly and without hesitation. He handled my case with a level of care, communication, and calm that gave me a great deal of comfort in a very stressful time. I knew I did not have to worry because he was on my side and would ensure I was dealt with fairly. I am so grateful for Rob’s level of commitment and concern for my case. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    P.R.  San Bernardino

    Rob represented me in my DUI case, not only did he win the case for me and get my fines lowered, but he made the whole situation super stress free. Always pleasant and kept me well informed. I since have referred friends to him, and will continue to if I need to.

    C.G.  San Bernardino

    Rob and his team were tremendous. They were always prepared, put together a game plan, and executed it..keeping me informed and comfortable during the entire process. It was my third DUI with an accident and a .28 BAC, but the DUI team got me a no jail outcome… when the prosecutions original offer was 270 days in jail!

    S.G.  Los Angeles

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