Defending You from Severe Criminal Penalties

If you are found driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will likely face DUI charges. Unlike other traffic violations, DUI charges are criminal charges with harsh penalties. Even first-time offenders could face jail time, probation, hefty fines, and a license suspension. A DUI conviction stays on your criminal record for life, making it difficult to find a job or secure housing.

With an experienced team of DUI defense attorneys on your side, you can fight for your rights and protect yourself from these harsh criminal penalties. Our team at the DUI Defense Group has years of experience protecting clients from DUI consequences. With our legal background and extensive knowledge, we can help you navigate your way through the justice system. For more information about our services and how we can help you, call our office today at 866-927-3295.

What Should You Expect After a DUI Arrest?

When officers see someone driving dangerously, they will pull that individual over. In most cases, people who are swerving, braking excessively, speeding, or driving erratically will be tested for inebriation. Officers typically use a breathalyzer test to measure blood alcohol content (BAC) and field sobriety tests to measure intoxication. If your BAC is higher than 0.08% or you appear intoxicated, officers will likely detain or arrest you.

Once your charges have been formally entered, the police will notify the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A DMV hearing officer will review your charges and determine whether to suspend your license. Most people who receive DUI charges have their license suspended regardless of whether they are convicted.

You can request a DMV hearing within ten days of your arrest if you want to reinstate your license. Your DMV hearing is separate from your criminal hearing and has no bearing on your conviction. Our team will immediately begin building you a legal defense strategy to reduce or remove the penalties you are facing.

What Are the Criminal and DMV Penalties for a DUI?

DUI convictions come with long-term consequences that can impact your life in many ways. While most first-time offenders do not serve jail time, many individuals face other penalties that can be severe.

Below are the most common penalties you could face after a DUI conviction:

  • Six-month driver’s license suspension
  • Three to five years of probation
  • Three months of a mandatory drug or alcohol education program
  • Hefty fines
  • Mandatory ignition interlock device installation

Most DUI charges are classified as misdemeanors. If your DUI involved bodily injury or death of another person, you could be charged with a felony. Felony charges are more severe and often involve jail or prison time.

You may also face further penalties if you have any prior DUI convictions on your record. For more information about DUI penalties and how they could affect your life, contact our law firm today.

What Are the Most Common Defense Strategies for a DUI?

There are many ways to defend against drunk driving charges. Your particular legal strategy will depend on the nature of your charges and your criminal history. However, there are some common legal strategies that our team may use for your case.

The most common defense strategies for DUI charges include:

Lack of Probable Cause

Officers must have probable cause to pull you over and arrest you. Our team can argue that you were not driving dangerously, so the case against you is invalid.

Faulty Test Results

Equipment like breathalyzers must be calibrated correctly. If an officer’s equipment is faulty, it could impact your results, leading to a false arrest.

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions mimic the effects of intoxication and can skew BAC results. Our team can present medical evidence in your defense.

What Can a DUI Attorney Do for Me?

Our attorneys at the DUI Defense Group are dedicated to representing our clients and preventing them from experiencing harsh criminal penalties. If you have been charged with a DUI, you can protect your future by contacting our experienced legal defense team today. To receive a free consultation and learn more about our services, call our law office at 866-927-3295.