When charged with a DUI in California, not only is it frightening, but a lot is riding on the outcome. Your record, your job, your financial future, your basic freedom to drive – all of these vital pieces are suddenly in jeopardy.

When it comes down to it, you have two options for California DUI Defense: you can hire a DUI lawyer to defend you or you can rely on a public defender.

With a public defender, as the defendant you have no ability to pick or choose your attorney, you do not know their experience level or their motivation to fight and protect you. Furthermore, a public defender will not be present in dealing with the DMV, which is the entity that determines whether you keep your license or not.

When you hire a DUI lawyer, it sends a very clear message to the court and the judge. Not only will they process your case more quickly, they know that you take your life, yourself, and your future seriously.

With an experienced California DUI lawyer, you can be assured that your attorney will take the time to spot and utilize ALL the defense issues in your DUI case. Additionally, an experienced DUI defense attorney will know how to handle the DMV and is instrumental in keeping your driving privileges.

A private DUI attorney offers the additional advantage of being able to appear in court on your behalf on misdemeanor cases, without you having to be present. This saves you, the client, the time and trouble of having to take off work to make court appearances and jeopardize your job.

With the DUI Defense group in your corner, you get a veteran DUI lawyer who formerly served as a state prosecutor defending you in court. As a team, we’ve won over 1,000 DUI cases in California. We have significant relationships with the judges in the Riverside & San Bernardino county and we know how to get your DUI charges reduced or dropped.

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