Police Evidence is usually the responsibility of the arresting police officer to obtain. It substantiates the enforcement action and is the basis on which the officer’s expert opinion is developed.

From the moment of the defendant’s charging through to the trial, Samudrala Law will deploy its team of DUI / DWl / Drunk Driving experts to analyze the case and the police evidence from every angle in order to construct a defense unique to the defendant’s situation:

  • Our head attorney, a former prosecutor, with review the overall case and lead the investigation.
  • Our former deputy sheriff, who is decorated by Congress, with investigate and re-examine the arresting police officer’s side of the case.
  • Our forensic alcohol expert, who used to work for the prosecution but now works for Samudrala Law, will investigate and re-examine the scientific evidence side of the case.
  • Our former DMV expert will investigate and re-examine the DMV side of the case.

Below are brief descriptions of the 5 different categories of Proven Strategies to Beat Police Evidence, each with a link to more extensive information designed to help anyone charged with a DUI / DWI/ Drunk Driving to better understand how Samudrala Law either gets a DUl/ DWl / Drunk Driving case dismissed, the charges reduced, or the penalties minimized:

  1. Proven Strategies to Beat Driving Symptoms: SAMUDRALA LAW‘s general strategy is to systematically go over each observation, one at a time, and suggest reasonable explanations for the observed conduct -ones that the jury can identify with -and why the arresting police officer mistakenly believed that the client was intoxicated.
  2. Proven Strategies to Beat Physical Symptoms: SAMUDRALA LAW‘s general strategy is to provide reasonable explanations for the seemingly damning physical symptoms after establishing that the arresting police officer is guilty of unfairly interpreting everything the defendant did as a sign that he/she is drunk without even considering exculpatory possibilities.
  3. Proven Strategies to Beat Incriminating Statements: SAMUDRALA LAW‘s general strategy revolves around either having the incriminating statements suppressed so that they cannot be used as evidence at trial or shifting the defense’s focus to minimizing the strength of the driving symptoms, physical symptoms, chemical evidence, and the field sobriety tests against the defense upon recognition that some of the incriminating statements cannot be suppressed.
  4. Proven Strategies to Beat Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs): SAMUDRALA LAW‘s general strategy is to expose to the jury that FSTs are not as scientifically reliable and objective and as they appear, but instead are often unreliable and subjective procedures designed to set up the driver for failure.
  5. Proven Strategies to Beat Chemical Evidence: SAMUDRALA LAW‘s general strategy is to shift the jury’s focus away from the defendant to the actual tests used to measure chemical evidence and convince the jury that the breath, blood, or urine test used was not accurate and reliable beyond a reasonable doubt.