Can a DUI in Los Angeles Impact Your Employment Opportunities?

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DUI Convictions Can Impact Your Life in Many Ways

If you have a DUI conviction on your record, you are already familiar with the legal consequences that you are facing, but have you considered what other impacts a DUI charge may have on your life?

You may have already experienced inconveniences such as losing your license, making it harder to get to work, or other events, such as time in jail, which made you miss work.

What other ways may a DUI impact your life?

Read on to learn more.

Employment Obstacles

A DUI can affect your employment in various ways. You may have had additional consequences if you have missed work due to attending court, being incarcerated, or otherwise.

A DUI on your record can also negatively affect you if you seek employment or a raise. Other candidates who may have the same qualifications and skill set as you but don’t have a DUI may seem like a better option for employers who are trying to fill a position.

Even in industries where a driver’s license isn’t required, you may face potential dead-ends when searching for a new position. You are likely immediately disqualified if you are required to drive, such as with delivery or catering service.

It’s important to note that some employment contracts will indicate that being convicted of a DUI may also result in termination of employment. DUI convictions are public information, so you may face losing your job if your employer obtains information regarding your charges.

Auto Insurance

Another issue that offenders face after a DUI is an increase in their insurance rates. Most insurance companies will raise the rates for their policyholders with a DUI on their record, which can cause financial strain.

Another side effect is that some insurance companies will find that you are too high of a risk and will end their contract with you, forcing you to find an alternative insurance solution.

Higher rates will likely continue for several years until you are no longer deemed a high risk to the insurance company.

Background Checks

Another area that may be of concern is any place that requires a background check following a DUI conviction.

For example, a DUI conviction can adversely affect your application if you are applying for housing or a mortgage. Some banks won’t underwrite applicants if they have a DUI record.

Some landlords may see a DUI as a viable reason to deny your application for the apartment or home you wish to rent.

Furthermore, suppose you are applying for colleges or certificate programs to further your career. In that case, a DUI conviction may be enough to deny your application, making obtaining a degree or advancing your training challenging.

Can I Get a DUI Expunged in California?

If you have a DUI conviction on your record, getting it expunged may help you avoid the abovementioned obstacles. Getting a conviction expunged from your record means that the information will no longer show up on a background check, and you can answer no to the questions on the application regarding past criminal history.

In California, if you don’t petition the courts to have your DUI or other charges deleted, they are likely to stay on your record forever rather than drop off after a certain period has passed, which is a common misconception.

Once you have successfully completed the terms of your probation, you may petition to have the DUI expunged from your record. In some states, a waiting period is required before you can request to have the charges expunged. This does not apply in California.

Work with your experienced DUI defense attorney to seek expungement options. In most cases, a flat fee is charged to have your attorney file the appropriate paperwork and ensure the process is followed to remove the conviction from your record.

The time it takes to expunge a DUI from your record in California can take a few months. Contact your attorney to start the process once you have completed your probation requirements.

Downgrading or Dismissing Charges

Contact our office immediately if you have yet to be convicted of a DUI but are facing charges. By working with competent and experienced DUI defense attorneys, you may have the option to fight against the prosecution, which can result in lessening the charges or having them dismissed altogether.

Some of the common defense options are challenging the evidence against you, such as the reason for pulling you over, not adhering to laws during the arrest, inaccurate blood alcohol content reading or field testing results, and more.

An experienced DUI defense attorney is skilled in negotiations, which can result in reaching an agreement with the prosecution before your court date, resulting in fewer charges in exchange for your admission of guilt.

As you can see from all the information throughout this article, having lesser charges or having them dropped altogether can make your life easier in multiple ways.

Your Fierce Advocate in the Face of Obstacles

A common misconception when faced with DUI charges is that you don’t have options or that the consequences may just require paying some fines and moving on with your life. The impact that a DUI conviction can have on your life is significant.

Our team has vast knowledge and experience in helping our DUI clients to fight against the charges, expunge convictions from their records, and more.

Contact our office at 866-927-3295 to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about why our clients are consistently satisfied with the fierce advocacy we offer our clients.

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