Rob Samudrala – Director, Senior DUI Attorney

My name is Rob Samudrala and I am the founder and Senior Attorney for the DUI Defense Group. As a former prosecutor for many years, I have a tremendous amount of experience in the DUI court system in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and Orange Counties. Since 2008 I have dedicated my entire career to DUI defense, and have successfully handled hundreds of DUI cases for folks like you. I have been selected numerous times to train new police officers and Deputy District Attorneys on DUI laws, procedures, and tactics. I’ve also given numerous lectures on DUI throughout Southern California. You can call our office and speak with me directly, anytime.


A a former judge and experienced trial attorney, Bob Granieri has presided over thousands of DUI cases in Southern California, and he’s seen DUI cases being approached and tried from every possible angle. He knows what judges are looking for and he understands how juries receive DUI cases in the Los Angeles area. Today, he’s proud to use his vast experience as the of counsel attorney to Mr. Samudrala and DUI Defense Group. Mr. Granieri takes pride in meticulously preparing our clients to defend their DUI charges. He’s all about protecting your rights, and he works diligently with us to get your DUI charges and penalties reduced and dismissed.

Dewayne Beckner, Blood Alcohol Expert

Dewayne Beckner is a California court recognized Blood Alcohol expert and has testified as an expert in over 2,500 DUI cases in California. He is also recognized as an expert in alcohol levels in the human body and has substantial experience with the machines used to test BAC in humans. He is the former supervisor of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s crime lab, and former manager of the Blood Alcohol Testing Unit.