A Former Prosecutor in Your Corner Defending Your 3rd DUI Charge.

All DUI lawyers say they are the best, so make sure you do your homework…because if you have been arrested or charged with a 3rd DUI in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura or Orange Counties, you need to be very careful, as courts and the DMV treat 3rd DUIs very differently than 1st DUIs. Our experienced team at DUI Defense Group knows exactly how you are going to be prosecuted. How? Because we’ve been there.

3rd DUIs in the state of California are no doubt prosecuted more diligently than 1st DUIs. Having helped hundreds of people in Southern California get their 3rd DUI charges reduced or dismissed, our boutique DUI law firm was founded to help folks like you. We’ll analyze your case from every angle to aggressively defend you at an affordable cost. Unlike some DUI lawyers you may see online, we are not a huge law firm with hundreds of DUI cases going on at any given time. We don’t pass off y0ur DUI case to a junior attorney. You will work directly with me, Rob Samudrala, and if need be you’ll be able to utilize all the resources in our office to your advantage.


All our attorneys do every day is DUI defense. We are a skilled team of talented individuals with almost 40 years of combined experience, including:
Former Deputy District Attorney
Former Police Officer & Crime Lab Supervisor
Court Recognized Drunk Driving/BAC Expert
Former DMV Hearing Officer
Forensic Toxicologist

Our attorneys at DUI Defense Group will review your case and explain your options, the California court procedures, how the DMV will work, and the best course of action to pursue regarding your 3rd DUI charge. Every case has hope and a potential of being won – no matter what your blood alcohol level was at the time of your arrest! If not, we’ll fight to get you the best possible outcome, probation if need be, and we’ll work diligently to reduce your fines. Your drivers license, your job, and your future could be affected, so do not make a mistake with the wrong DUI law firm or trying to handle your case in a non-efficient way.

Our #1 objective is to get your 3rd DUI charges​ ​reduced and keep you out of j​ail​,​ ​like we’ve done for hundreds of others in your same position. Call Rob and the DUI Team​ ​now​ ​at 800 337-3898.